First Turkey Day Without Chardonnay

Well, my first alcohol free major holiday went off without a hitch!  Two surprising observations: first of all, I foolishly assumed that I’d have all kinds of time to visit with each guest and really get to spend some quality time chatting with everyone, since I wouldn’t be spending time sipping wine all day.  Wrong! We hosted dinner for 16 people and my husband and I worked together, enlarging the dining room table, rearranging a couple of rooms, removing shoes to the garage, setting up folding tables, setting the table, setting up the beverages, mashing ten pounds of potatoes, making two pies and apple sausage pecan stuffing (insert deep breath here) – there wasn’t a moment to sit and relax until after dinner was cleared away. I don’t know what I was thinking!

The really big surprise was that NOT drinking made everything sooooo much easier! Coordinating and timing the reheating of several side dishes, making sure there was enough counter space to lay out all the food and arrange it in a way that made it convenient for our guests to serve themselves – was all made so much easier by my unfuzzed brain, which eliminated a TON of stress.  I can’t tell you how interesting I found it that staying sober and clearheaded made so much of a difference when I thought it was the WINE that helped me de-stress.  Go figure!

I hope everyone out there who celebrated Thanksgiving today had a wonderful, peaceful holiday with their loved ones. I am so grateful for so many things this year – and one of the things I’m most thankful for is this new-found gift of sobriety.  Life isn’t perfect, but it’s so much better than I ever imagined it could be without alcohol.


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