…And you know what REALLY pisses me off?

This stupid alcogenic culture of ours really makes me crazy. And I have to admit that I used to be as guilty of this as the people who suffer from the same mindset.

If you were talking to a friend or acquaintance and told them that you’d quit smoking, what kind of response would you get? “Oh my God that’s AWESOME, good for you!” would be the typical response, right? Because it IS awesome.

How many of you told a friend or acquaintance that you decided to stop drinking and got a less-than-positive response? Something more along the lines of, “YOU???? Really???” Or how about this one: “You’re not going to drink? Not EVER?”

Because in our society if you don’t drink you’re a weirdo. There’s got to be something wrong with you.

I used to keep a mental list of people I’d met who didn’t imbibe. No explanation given, just – no, thanks when they were offered booze. They fascinated me. And really annoyed me, more than a little, too. What the hell was WRONG with them? Who DOESN’T drink? Why in the world would anyone opt NOT to?

Funny how 197 days sober changes one’s perspective, isn’t it?

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