What a Difference a Year Makes

Leaving a little later this morning; my third sober vacation since I quit drinking. I have books loaded on my phone, my meditation app to help me sleep, and my headphones. I’m good to go.

Had a momentary flashback of our trip last April…. We went to a Sandals resort for our 35th anniversary. They airline overbooked our original flight and we ended up getting upgraded to first class for the two flights to the resort.

The whole experience was exciting and luxurious. The steward fussed over us the whole time, refilling my wine glass over and over. And over. By the time we got to the resort, I had probably consumed the better part of a bottle of wine. You can’t say no, right? I mean – it’s free!

So we get to our room and it’s early afternoon and I need a nap. My husband decides to walk around the resort, get the lay of the land – while I sleep for a little while.

Well, while I’m sleeping off multiple glasses of Chardonnay, he’s texting to check in with me. My phone’s on silent, so it doesn’t wake me up. He’s texting and texting. I’m sleeping and sleeping. He’s getting more and more annoyed with me.

So our first day at this gorgeous, exotic resort starts on a sour note because I’ve had too much to drink.

Seriously? Wasting the first three hours in paradise asleep and then bickering with my husband???

Never. Again.

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