The Importance of Self-Care

Hello, friends. It’s been a while!

So much has happened since my last post! The school year started again and my schedule this year is manageable and enjoyable. I’ve fallen back in love with my job again.

We went on a trip to Massachusetts to celebrate my 60th birthday. We visited Worcester and Salem and Boston and Marblehead and found a little Airbnb right on the ocean in a town called Nahant. It was so special and magical and restorative.

Last weekend, we spent Saturday afternoon taking care of our daughter’s three little ones while she had her hair done. It was, understandably, busy and fun and noisy. I was looking forward to a quiet evening at home. You know what they say about man planning and God laughing, right?

Well. My husband got a phone call from our son asking if there was any way we could accommodate him, his wife and two daughters, and possibly a friend from college who was visiting them –  for the night – since their power had gone out after a storm here with no sign that it would go back on any time soon….

Sigh. Sure! Absolutely! We’ll figure it out!

And we did. Turns out, it was really fun – an unplanned slumber party. Then we kept our son’s two girls the next day so our son and daughter-in-law could go to a football game.  Our daughter brought her three girls over for a play date with their cousins, so it was another full, busy, noisy, fun day.

Late in the afternoon, we dropped our son’s girls off to their other grandparents. We drove home in silence for a while, savoring the peace and quiet. I had a moment – just a moment’s thought – that I’d like nothing more than a big, fat martini. I said as much to my husband. As I verbalized that thought, it occurred to me that I didn’t really want to drink. That impulse was just the dying echo of behaviors from long ago.

I just needed to practice some self-care. We stopped and picked up groceries for an easy dinner. As soon as we got home, we threw on sneakers and headed out for a long walk in our neighborhood. It was exactly what I needed: companionable quiet, broken only by the sounds of our feet crunching on fallen leaves and our scattered conversation.

Mission accomplished Battery recharged. Alcohol neither needed nor wanted here.

I continue to learn on this journey. Self-care is every bit as important now as it was early in sobriety. I need to remember that.

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