Seventh Sober Birthday

Friends! It’s been far too long. I recently celebrated my seventh birthday since quitting drinking. How I remember the first one…

It was a “special” birthday and I was not quite two months sober. My husband had made reservations at one of the swankiest restaurants in town. The maitre d strode to our table, brandishing two flutes of champagne. “I understand this is a special occasion,” he beamed. His smile disappeared when I blurted, “I don’t drink!”

Insert awkward silence..

Fast forward to today. If I knew then what I know now, I would have smiled graciously, thanked him warmly, and simply left the glass untouched.

Early sobriety is often like the first encounter: uncomfortable. Strange. Anxiety-provoking.

This year we had a socially-distanced dinner at a small Italian restaurant, just the two of us. After we were seated, the hostess placed two glasses of prosecco on the table. I smiled and slid the glass over to my husband without skipping a beat. No big whoop.

The point I’m trying to make is that time and continuous, uninterrupted days of sobriety are the key to getting comfortable with your new way of life. Not gonna lie – it’s tough at first. Weird. Strange. Uncomfortable at times. But I promise you – with time and practice, it gets easier and easier and easier.

And somewhere along the way, you’ll transform. Transform from someone who’s scared and angry and lost – to someone who’s proud of the person she sees in the mirror. You’ll morph into a badass who refuses to conform to society’s insistence that you need booze to enjoy life.

The rewards of staying sober and present in your life are myriad and wondrous. The simplest joys are elevated exponentially when you’re paying attention and not dulling your senses. A delicious cup of coffee. A belly laugh with a friend. A quiet walk in nature. A peaceful evening at home. Ordinary life can be glorious.

Trust me.

14 thoughts on “Seventh Sober Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your post and it so resonates with me!
    I love my sober life more than I could ever have imagined. Six years in January and I have never looked back.

    Thanks for your update, your posts always lift me up and make me realize I’m not ever alone in this journey.

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  2. Happy birthday! I have had the exact same experience. I don’t mind sending it back because I often get something I like….ginger ale with cranberry is my #1 choice.
    For me it will be 7 years on December 1, and a birthday on the 8th. That first birthday was very hard…I remember it well.

    Take care! Here’s to another wonderful year!


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  3. Happy 7 sober years!! I still go with my reflex, “I don’t drink!”. I swear they just throw alcohol at you. I should write a blog post about ot– oh wait, I did. My husband doesn’t drink either so he is usually the one who shouts it. Or chucks the wine list back, “Nope.”
    And happy holidays (such as they are).

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