I’m a 50-something wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister – navigating the world without alcohol for the first time in my adult life.  I’m going to try this for the next 37 years.  Then maybe I’ll revisit the issue.

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  1. I love your writings!! I feel like reading your experiences are like I could have written them myself and they resonate deeply in my heart!! I thank you. I stopped Chardonnay two weeks ago on what would have been my grandmothers birthday. The meant to be gift to her and I know she is overjoyed up there in Heaven! As you note, wine had just become too important to me and I was done being controlled….done on my own terms!!! Released!! Finding you that day was a great gift too. I feel like a child again. I too am a 50 something wife and dog and cat mom! Thank you for writing and being out there….finding you was a treasured moment for me!!! Love your recent note on compassion and vulnerability!!!!! Warmy, from an avid follower!!!!

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    • Hi there – all you have to do is look for Elizabeth Cloud – her icon is a penguin (it’s the symbol for our group.) Send her a friend request. When you get in the BFB, introduce yourself and you’ll be amazed at the welcome you’ll get! Looking forward to getting to know you!



  2. Hi Mary I just listened to your podcast and I am interested in you because many of the blogs I’ve been on seem to be younger women. You are older and mother of grow ups and have a similar background. I was from a strict catholic family of 8 kids. I’m 61 and in my adult life been a party girl drinker high functioning. Always responsible married raised 2 great young men. Etc etc. Picture perfect. I have been so unhappy over the last few years and been seriously considering trying to go alcohol free because i think it is keeping me stuck but I just keep making same old excuses. my drinking escalated to every night about 6 years ago during the start of my menopause. Kids leaving home and parents both getting ill and dying within 5 years and me taking on ALL of it. I have been in a dark place and stumbling around going through the motions feeling like my future is not much to look forward to. I am 61 and my parents both lived into their mid 90s I want to feel happy and alive and have more meaning in the life I have left to live. I need support but don’t want to go to AA. Not sure what I need or how bad I am How can I join the facebook support group? Thanks for listening.

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    • Hi Jackie,
      I can relate to so much of what you said… that feeling of being stuck and not knowing how to change. All you have to do is find Elizabeth Cloud (her avatar is a penguin.) Send her a friend request. When it’s accepted, introduce yourself and you’ll be amazed by the welcome you’ll get. You’ll get so much love and support and advice and tips that helped other people to quit. Do you know about the blog “Tired of Thinking About Drinking”? You can sign up with Belle for a 100 Day Alcohol Free challenge. It’s a great place to start. Please join us in the BFB!

      Big hugs,


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