Wow – It’s Been a While!

Hello there, friends – so much has happened since my last blog post.

First of all, granddaughter #6 arrived safely at the end of August. My youngest daughter was induced and narrowly avoided having to undergo a C-section. Her sweet babe is another precious gift. We are loving watching our baby blossom as a new mother. She is handling the challenges in her life like the true bad ass warrior she is.

I have celebrated another sober birthday – my eighth! My husband planned a day full of treats and surprises. It was a wonderful day.

So here’s what’s rolling around in my brain lately….

We’ve applied for a life insurance policy with a long-term care rider. The application process was involved and arduous, and included detailed questions about our medications, surgeries, and lifestyle habits.

We applied for a similar policy five years ago but the coverage was denied due to the fact that my husband had been treated for prostate cancer (successfully, thank the Universe) and wasn’t quite five years cancer-free.

So. Several questions were asked about tobacco use. My husband is a seasonal cigar smoker, and so there was much discussion about that.

But get this: not one – ONE – question was asked about alcohol use. Not one! What the hell?

So then I go for my annual checkup. The nurse asks me about a jillion questions regarding my coffee consumption: how many cups per day, how many cups of regular, how many decaf, blah blah blah…… Really? Really???

I was never asked such detailed questions about my drinking habits, by any doctor, ever.

Hey – I don’t know if any health care professionals will read this, but – you need to ask more and different questions about your patients’ relationship with alcohol.

Asking how many drinks per week consumed is simply put, not nearly enough. First of all, your patients very likely fudge that number. I know I did.

I humbly suggest you think about asking:

  • Do you ever feel uncomfortable or worry about how much you drink?
  • Has anyone ever expressed concern about your drinking?
  • Do you bargain with yourself about when /how much you can drink?
  • Do you make rules about your drinking (i.e., only on weekends, only wine or beer, etc.)?
  • Do you drink when you’re happy or upset or bored, or all of the above?

I can’t tell you how many articles I’ve read about women developing alcohol-related health issues during the pandemic. I’m so grateful that I quit before then.

I’d likely be in real trouble if I hadn’t.

8 thoughts on “Wow – It’s Been a While!

  1. Congratulations on your new grandbaby! And your eighth sober birthday. You rock!! These experiences with health people are indeed shocking. It’s a reminder to us to actually say something in the moment, too — making a mental note now. Asking the insurance person or doctor, um, aren’t you going to ask me in detail about my relationship with alcohol? Which is 1000% more impactful on my life than my relationship with coffee? They need to hear this. Their culture needs to change — though that still leaves the fact that many of them likely have their own problematic relationship with alcohol.

    Thanks so much for checking in! Adrian

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